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  • It all started when I was a medical student: My friends and I were applying the final touches to our medical lecture notes, which proved very popular amongst our classmates. They eventually came to be used at medical schools across Japan, garnering a considerable reputation among students in need of study materials.

  • In the past, Japanese medical textbooks were typically dense bodies of work which did little in the way of appealing to the target demographic. The language was often convoluted and difficult to read. At that time, I had absolutely no experience in the field of publishing, but I soon came to realize the importance of meeting the demands of the reader, and that experience nurtured my vision to establish Medic Mediaーa company made by doctors, for doctors.

  • I established Medic Media shortly after I became a medical doctor. At first, we tried to meet the needs of doctors and medical students, but after continual growth owing to unexpected popularity, our mission later shifted to providing easy-to-comprehend specialized medical knowledge to a much wider audience.

  • Currently, our readership consists of nurses, nutritionists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and home-care workers, but we aim to expand our reach and provide ease of comprehension to readers in as many fields as possible.

  • We would like to make contributions beyond national borders?not just for medical staff, but also patients as well as all health-conscious individuals.

  • We aim to expand possibilities by creating a new medical education system for a new era, such as by introducing medical knowledge via a game platform, as well as a system in which anyone can make a diagnosis using A.I. based on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years.

  • Delivering medical knowledge to increasing numbers and varieties of people is a long and steep road. However, we will persevere with our dream and continue our efforts and initiatives for the sake of our readers.

  • Thank you very much for your attention.